The eternal war is coming...
The eternal war is coming...
The eternal war is coming...
Kingdom is a Medieval fantasy MMORPG
that is set in an ever changing world
Expand territory by forming Legions, building Legion Forts
and occupying resource areas. Success and power
is not only measured by your ability to collect items,
gain EXP and Noah (money), If you really want to rise to
the top you will have to display honor and have a strong
presence in the community.
Eternal Wars of Legions
Expand your land in the ‘War Map’
Players can demonstrate their Legion’s power to others by expanding their territory.
Use your own strategy to occupy areas on the war map.
Expand your territory faster than the others to protect your Legion!
Kingdom has a variety of combat actions and aesthetics for you to master and enjoy! You can charge the enemy from a distance and surprise your target, or sit back and watch the carnage of a last attack effect!
Classes of Kingdom Online
Loyalty, Honor and Courage
The Warrior class is a faction of soldiers steeped in the tradition of the “Arkan” battle tactics.
Forest Guardian
The Rogue class was developed over a long period of time based on the philosophies and training of the silvakul, the wise and divisive elders of sabotage and stealth tactics.
Master of the Three Elements
Wizard disciplines are handed down from the ancient teachings of Plubia.
Ones who trust in God
The Cleric’s tenants are based on the spiritual teachings of Mesena.
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